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Sweden | Started in 0

Director: Bonnie Roupé


Our vision is a world were the gap between research and practice no longer exists. Women and medical professionals can make informed decisions because they all have access to latest research. Bonzun makes research available to doctors and mothers all over the world. Information that helps and saves lives. Pregnant women everywhere can access our service online for free and we work to spread knowledge in poor areas together with Unicef and WHO. Universities, institutions and NGO’s work together to create this unique, never seen before, database over medical issues and health for pregnant women and small children. Their mission is to empower pregnant women and medical professionals with evidence based information to let them make more informed decisions.

Has women or girls as primary clients/target population: YES

Meets Project Definition of a Women-Led Social Enterprise (Social Mission, Woman Leadership, Portion made in market, portion of profit/surplus reinvested): YES


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